Site Map & Rules

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Important Firewood Alert:
Do Not Bring Firewood from Home!

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has issued a notice prohibiting movement of all species of firewood into the State, effective July 2, 2007. This quarantine has been issued because of the threat posed by various wood feeding insects, including Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB), Sirex Wood Wasp, and bark beetles that are considered threats to the Commonwealth’s forests and horticultural resources. The ALB poses a threat to various forest trees, especially maples, and the Sirex Wood Wasp and bark beetles are pests of pines and other evergreen trees. EAB is a small emerald green beetle that typically kills ash trees within 3 years of the initial infestation. This insect is responsible for the death of 20-25 million ash trees since it was first detected in the U.S. in 2002, in Michigan. EAB was recently found in Butler County, Pennsylvania, and as a result, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties are under quarantine for EAB. In addition  to PA, EAB is known to occur in MI, OH, IL, IN, and MD. Please help us and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture by not transporting firewood into Pennsylvania. The quarantine permits movement of packaged firewood that identifies the producer and is labeled “kiln dried” or “USDA certified.” Click here for more information. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Firewood is available at our camp store.

RV Park Rules and Regulations

Speed Limit is 7½ MPH at all times and all areas. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Check-Out: Check-out is 1:00 PM. Please notify office ASAP if needing to extend your stay. Re-registration is not guaranteed.
Quiet Hours: Begin at 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM and is strictly enforced. Please be considerate to your camping neighbor.
Store Hours: Vary by season. Hours are posted on the office door.
Guests: Your invitees are your responsibility. They must register at the office and pay a visitors fee before entering the park. We reserve the right to limit visitors.
Parking: 1 RV (camper) or tent and 1 vehicle per site. Overflow parking available in the lot at the park entrance. We encourage campers to keep vehicles parked at their sites and walk to the activities and buildings in the park.
Children: Campers are responsible for the actions, safety and whereabouts of their children at all times. Children under 16 must be on their site by 10:00 PM unless accompanied by an adult.
Pets: Pets are not permitted in buildings, swimming pool, swimming pool area, or playground. No pets are permitted in cabins, rental camper, tents or on tent sites.
Trash: For your convenience, garbage dumpsters are located in the park (refer to site map). Please place all your everyday trash in the dumpsters. No lawn chairs, televisions, rugs, grills, microwaves, leaves or branches.
Playground: Use of playground is for ages 2-12 only and closes at dusk.
Campfires: Do not move fire rings or leave a fire unattended. Burn combustibles only. No cans, glass, foil or garbage. Contain your fire within fire ring. Fire must be out when leaving your site or retiring for the evening.
Firewood: At no time are you permitted to remove firewood from the woods. Firewood can be purchased at the store.
Messages: All messages are posted at the office. Emergency calls will be delivered ASAP.
Swimming: pool hours are 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM. No lifeguard is on duty. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Pool rules are posted and strictly enforced. No shorts or cut-offs. Bathing suits must be worn in the pool.
Weather Info: Carlisle is located in Cumberland County. Weather broadcasts for this area can be found on the local TV and radio stations listed on site map.
Behavior: Intoxication, profanity, vandalism or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. Alcohol is not permitted off your site.
Bicycles: Must stay on roadways and adhere to speed limit. No bicycle riding after dusk. All bicycles must be on site at dusk. Helmets are required by law.
Laundry: Coin or credit card operated machines are located at the bathhouse by the pool. Open 24 hours. Quarters can be obtained at game room or office during store hours. No clotheslines.
Smoking: No smoking in restrooms/showers, game room, office, pool area or laundry. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.
Sewer: PA law requires the use of a sewer ring or other means to prevent sewer gases from escaping into the air.
Dump Station: Use is free for campers. Portable toilets must be emptied at the dump station, not restroom toilets.
Site: Is to be left clean and picnic table returned to original location when checking out.
Injuries & Theft: The management is not responsible for damage, injury or loss by accident, fire, theft, to either property or person of any camper or guest. You enter and stay on the property at your own risk.
Prohibited: No washing of RV’s or cars. No scooters, mini or motorbikes, ATV’s, skateboarding or roller skating. No hot tubs or kiddie pools. No use of fireworks or power tools. No firearms or weapons. No washing of dishes or clothes in bathroom sinks. No major vehicle repairs, oil changes or lubing. Motorcycles are to be used for in and out travel only.
Lights: Turn off all outside lights before retiring or midnight at the latest. Bright lights out by 10:00 PM.